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Alice & Nancy at the October Guild meeting!

Alice & Nancy at the October Guild meeting!

 Alice was spotted at a carpet store in Colorado by Susan Meeks.( Susan’s mother is Guild member, Jackie Armstrong.) The store was closing and a life size statue of a sheep was “on sale”. Susan immediately thought of THSG and what a cute mascot it would make.

Susan called Jackie and she contacted Lura to see if THSG could use this sheep statue-and Lura said YES!

Jackie had a favorite sheep at one time called “Alice”; so to honor Jackie we have named our wooly sheep “Alice”.

Now you may be wondering and asking yourself “Where has she been and where does she live”question mark

Alice is our “guard sheep” and she guards our storage unit.  She gets very excited when members come to the  unit. In anticipation of the May Stash Sale she tripped over a box and  was FLATTENED under all of the fiber art supplies!

sunAt first Alice was upset to find herself FLAT-but, when Lura put Alice into her purse, Alice began to see a bright future.

She saw herself traveling with all of you!

She’s already anticipating on going on a River Cruise in Europe or to the Intermountain Weavers Conference in CO. Are you going out of state for the summer-she wants to go!

Alice is ready to see the world and she wants you to send pictures of you and her for our WEBSITE or post pictures on the THSG Facebook and Ravelry sites!


Click here for your personal Flat Alice

PRINT Alice to Cardstock

Cut out Alice and stick a knitting needle or popsicle stick to her back

PHOTOGRAPH you and her on your travels

Send pictures to for the Website or post on THSG’s Facebook (under her picture in the CO

MMENTS section) & Ravely sites