SPRANG WORKSHOP with Carol James in March 2015!

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sprangClass on Sprang by Carol James, March 3rd in Bisbee.

A talk will also be given by Carol on March 2, 2015 at 7PM titled SPRANG- AN ANCIENT BRAIDING TECHNIQUE.
Time permitting, Carol will offer a PowerPoint presentation, featuring images of sprang dating from the bronze age to the early 1800s now found in museum collections. Replicas of these pieces made by the presenter will be available for hands-on examination as well as a variety of contemporary items.

Carol James is a textile expert who has been exploring low-tech methods for 30 years. A very patient teacher, she has taught in Canada, the US, England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She has examined articles in collections across North America and Europe and has created replicas for institutions such as Washington’s Mount Vernon, the US National Parks Service, and the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum. She has written numerous articles and is the author of two books: Fingerweaving Untangled and Sprang Unsprung.

Sprang is an ancient braiding technique worked on a simple frame. For every row of work, two rows of mirror-image cloth result. The nature of the stitch allows great elasticity in the cloth.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the technique was widely known in Europe, and used to create caps, bags, stockings and shawls.


Participants in the one-day workshop will receive an introduction to the basic ‘stitch’, the interlinking technique, using a frame with ready-to-go warp. Emphasis is placed on the basic technique, error identification, correction, and error-avoidance. Participants will experience finishing techniques as they convert this warp into a small bag or cap. Participants will leave with the frame set up again for another piece to create at home.

To register:   E-mail Laura Smith at mssmithlg@aol.com or call 206-715-6589

Carol’s current project is a spectacular example of sprang, the replication of a cotton shirt in the collection of the Arizona State Museum.

The shirt has been carbon-dated to a time before Christopher Columbus. Come watch Carol as she works on this project, time and location TBA.


YouTube videos to watch are


Basic Stitch


Twining (a fancy stitch)