Two Day Workshop Multiple Structure Eight Threading

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Instruction: Tom Knisely

Monday, March 24 and Tuesday, March 25
Location: Mini Time Machine Museum, 4455 E. Camp Lowell Dr.
Time: 9-4 each day
Cost: Members $105*, and Non-Members $160
*Subsidized by Mae Olden Davison memorial fund
Time: 9-4 each day
Equipment: 8 shaft table loom

This workshop is intended to help you think beyond the obvious possibilities of a given threading and treading.  A perfect example is the numerous treading’s you find for a threading draft in your favorite weavers’ pattern book.  You thread your warp to the desired pattern draft and then treadle it several difference ways to achieve different patterns.  But what if you can thread your loom to a simple threading and weave several different patterns?  This exactly what we will do on a simple eight shaft straight draw twill threading.

Each student will weave a sampler starting with the simple and obvious variations of Plain Weave, Basket Weave, and Twills.  We will then move on to weave Waffle Weave, Huck Lace, Bronson Lace, Double Weave, Monk’s Belt and Summer and Winter.  Dozens of structures are possible on this simple threading of one to eight. By simply thinking through and changing the tie-up and lift combinations all these well-known weave structures are possible and many more.

Registration opens for member: December 18, 2013
Registration Deadline: February 18, 2014