Tucson Desert Art Museum SW Rug Exhibit-a MUST SEE for all fiber lovers

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Savor the Desert Southwest’s diverse cultures, unique environments, vibrant colors and dramatic landscapes.

The Tucson Desert Art Museum (Tucson DART) celebrates the spectacular arts and history of the Southwest’s Desert regions including Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, Utah, Southern Colorado and Northern Mexico.
The Desert Southwest has a colorful history of diverse artistic traditions and cultures with many nationally recognized local and regional artists. Other masters like the Navajo and Hopi artisans still remain largely unrecognized for their profound contributions to modern American art.
Tucson DART’s collections of classical and contemporary master artisans encompasses textiles, paintings, maps, photographs and historical artifacts.
The Museum occupies a spacious 15,000 square feet. Located on the east side of Santa Fe Square with ample free parking.


For more information go to www.tucsondart.com