Workshop:On the Surface of Things: Expanding Texture, Color and composition in Felted Forms November 10-12, 2013

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On the Surface of Things: Expanding Texture, Color and composition in Felted Forms: Three day workshop with Martien Van Zuilen; Feltmaker 
This is a class for those wanting to expand their creative process and ‘vocabulary’ in the magic medium of FELT.  With the discovery of how to make felt, many of us have been captured by the speed and relative ease with which we can design and produce a new fabric.  This holds the risk that we rush to the end result without fully appreciating all that the very surface of felt has to offer in terms of texture, color and design.  This class explores a rang of felt-specific techniques for surface design and texture, including multiple ways of color blending, pattern inlay, shading, various fibers and the varied effects of using simple stitch.  We start with a range of unique samples to ‘shift/shuffle & shake’ ideas into new directions: the focus will be on 2-D felts with the aim to develop a larger art-felt piece in-class.  However, the distinctive design features equally apply to small-scale, 3-D or sculptural forms so if that’s your thing, you’re in the right place, too
Instructor: Martien Van Zuilen is an internationally famous Felter from Australia.  Visit her website to learn more about her.
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Location: Spirited Hands Studio, 851 N. Corinth Ave., Tucson, 85710
Time: 9am-4pm
Cost: Members $210; Non-members $255
Maximum Number of Students: 10
Materials Fee: $10-$12
Registration opens to members: September 25, 2013; for Non-members Oct 1, 2013
Registration Closes: 10/9/13