THSG – October FELTING Study Group Meeting

October 2, 2014
Spirited Hands Studio
851 N. Corinth Ave (near Speedway/Wilmot), Tucson

Felting 8Felt Study Group Fun for 2014-2015!

We’ve planned a great start to the new year of felt study.  Our first project will encompass the theme of “Peace” for our fellow worldwide felters in Felt United, a non-profit organization.

We will be making pre-felts the first meeting using found objects of your choice and carded wool, silk, etc.  The dryer method will get a workout!  The second meeting we’ll cut apart these lovely pre-felts and share them within the group for a whole new creation a la Martien van Zuelin (our guest teacher from last year).  The third meeting will see us embellishing our expression of “Peace” and finishing those last minute details.  Each feltmaker will come away with a wall or table  art  piece that may be entered in the Felt United Event 2014.

We’d like to invite any and all guild members who are interested…newbies as well as experienced felters.  We are a fun group who loves to share and mentor each other so come and see what felt is really all about!  We’ll be meeting on the first Thursday of each month–our first meeting is Thursday, October 2nd , so mark your calendars.

Location:  Spirited Hands Studio   851 N. Corinth Ave   (near Speedway/Wilmot)

Contact:  Sally Hall or Susan Thompson   873-7388

Time:   9:30-11:30