2 Apr

Beginning Tools and Materials for the Book Artist

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Curt will take us through some of the essentials of making books, with demonstrations and examples of what every book arts student should find helpful starting points for creating books and boxes.
 We will:
Show and demonstrate the Book Arts Tool Kit  & where to get the items included in it.
Identify appropriate papers and boards for Book Arts use and where to get them.
Identify and demonstrate use of paste, glue, and tape adhesives.
Demonstrate paper and board grain and how to work with it.
Demonstrate mountain and valley folding
Demonstrate how to cut book board and text paper
Demonstrate making book cloth with handwoven and surface-designed fabrics.
Demonstrate covering a board with paper or cloth.
Identify materials and tools for sewing signatures.
Our short course in Tools and Materials will conclude with binding a pamphlet of information.
Everyone is encouraged to bring examples of her favorite tools and materials for show and tell.