Michael Cook lectures THSG on SILK REELING!

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Michael Cook (well known authority on Silk Reeling) demonstrated his skill at the January 2018 Guild meeting. It is an amazing process creating threads that he weaves at 200-400 epi!!! Besides this he offered a wonderful 3 day workshop to our members.

silk1The group of strands from the wet cocoons are threaded up through the lower eyelet, over the top white guide, around the bottom white guide, then the end  going to the reel is wrapped around the strands several times then through the upper eyelet to the reel.

  The wrapping helps the finished fiber to be round rather than flat and release the moisture before reeling.  If the reeled silk is still damp it may have to be reeled a second time until it is dry.

silk4There are approximately twenty strands of silk – finer than a hair – that are combined into one fiber and reeled to dry.