Wedge Weave Workshop w/Deborah Corsini-February 2017

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Debra Corsini presented a comprehensive  workshop on WEDGEWEAVE TAPESTRY. She instructed us in the unique characteristics, basic techniques, and design possibilities that could create dynamic and graphic wedge weave tapestries.

Instead of weaving perpendicular to the warp (the lengthwise or selvedge direction), as is usual for tapestry, the wedge weave technique required that we weave at an angle to the warp. By building up a small triangle on one edge and changing colors as the weft moved across the warp, an unending variety of stripes, chevrons and zigzags could be created.

Beside hands on instruction, Debra informed us of the history of wedge weave as well as providing an colorful power point demo on the many artists currently excelling in this technique.