THSG Helps budding Fiber Arts Guild in Ajo, AZ!

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TH&SG Supports the Longhouse Weaving Studio in Ajo, Arizona!

The last of January 2017, I (Lura Moore) got an e-mail from a lady, Helen, living in Ajo. She was inquiring about the small Dorsett Loom we had posted on the website.

Ajo Weavers #5

Members of the soon to be Ajo Fiber Arts Guild

I called her back that day. She explained that she and some other ladies were trying to start a weaving studio to teach ladies how to weave. One of the ladies had bought a small church to serve as the studio. The organizers had the knowledge, but very little equipment to use for a growing number of enthusiastic students.

I said that we had just sold the Dorsett, but we had other looms at reasonable prices, plus lots of weaving equipment and yarns. I told her the THSG Guild would love to help support their project and when could she come to check out our storage bin?

She called back that evening and said she and several other folks would drive over the next day, Sunday, arriving at noon. They would have a truck with a large trailer. I provided her with Ina Road Self Storage address.

Three very excited ladies and a very helpful gentleman met me on Sunday. They expressed much enthusiasm as I opened the units to reveal our Guild’s bounty!

Choosing equipment & supplies

Choosing equipment & supplies

We set up tables and dragged things out into the sunshine. It was such a delight to see how much they appreciated the many things we had to offer. They bought the table loom, the 48” Norwood, 2 inkle looms, a warping board, bobbin winders, 2 small 2 harness demo looms, shuttles, bobbins and other supplies. I offered them some yarns and they selected 6 bins of assorted fiber.

Things got packed up securely and after about 2 hours, they were ready to take off with Guild flyers, workshop info and business cards in hand.

We collected about $1,000.00 and had the great satisfaction of bringing others into our Fiber Arts World.

Lura with Helen & Karen

Lura with Helen & Karen