Popup Art Event-February 2017

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Heart of Tucson Artists are ready for the new year!

We have our first Popup Art Event scheduled for February 18, 2017. Our event will be held at Betsy Tanzer’s studio at 1703 E. Fort Lowell just west of Campbell. Betsy’s studio is the Tucson Clay Art Center. She has room for 12 artists: 8 in the main room, and four in two additional rooms and the back porch. The porch opens onto a gravel parking lot with a gate. Betsy has a key to the gate. She says the back porch and gravel lot are especially good for those artists showing small or medium-sized sculptures. If you are a 2-D artist, you’ll need to bring your own grids to hang work. Betsy invites you to come by the studio and see if the space will work for you.

We’re starting small, and we hope to grow. If we get more artists to sign up than we have space, we’ll create a Wait List and try to find an additional venue.

Please go to Calls to Artists on our website to learn more about how to register:


Read all the details about signing up as either a Core Artist or a Participating Artist, and how to sign up for the PopUp Art Event. Follow the instructions.

As soon as you are registered for the popup, go to the PopUp Events page: http://www.heartoftucsonart.org/popup-events.html

This page is set up just like our Participating Artists page for Open Studios Tours. Your name and a jpg of your work with a link to your personal page on our website will be posted as soon as your registration is completed.

Questions:  Read the material first, and then if you have questions, email artists@HeartofTucsonArt.org.

Keep in mind the Heart of Tucson Art receives no funding from any government or private source – although we hope this changes. HeartofTucsonArt received $100 from Tucson Pima Arts Council in 2016, and zero dollars from Southern Arizona Arts and Culture Alliance (SAACA).