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The Dye Study Group could use the following perishable and nonperishable items.  Any donations will be helpful.
Please bring your items to the study group meetings or the information meetings posted for February.
If you have questions or want to just tell us what you have, contact Pat Merritt at santaritarugs@gmail.com.


1.  A scale with a fairly large platform (like 6” square say) that will measure items to a 0.1 gram weight.
2.  Portable butane stove burners.
3.  Heavy gauge stainless steel dye pots.
4.  Big stainless steel spoons.  We could use a couple of different sizes up to 13” length.
5.  Several tri-pour beakers.  For example: 250 ml, 1000 ml sizes
6.  Weigh boats
7.  Graduated cylinders. For example: 100 ml, 250 ml sizes
8.  Measuring spoons, glass measuring cups (like the Pyrex ones)
9.  Portable spin dryers
10. PH test paper — example:  Hydrion
11.  Textile detergent — examples: Professional Textile Detergent, Prosapol, Synthrapol
12.  Hand cleaner — example:  Reduran
13.  Latex free gloves