Fall TMA Holiday Art Sale Summary

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tma-2014-1Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan’s Market 2017

To all of you who participated and/or supported our showing at this year’s TMA Holiday Market ….A BIG THANK YOU!

Our historically large and bountiful Boutique was only a memory. We had a 10’ X 10’ tent space to our best advantage, limiting the sellers’ inventory to 10 pieces each. Our 10’ X 10’ space looked very impressive. We created a cashier area right beside the tent to allow for more shopping space.

As we expected, many former customers searched for and questioned our new location. Friday and Sunday were consistently busy, however, Saturday’s attendance was decreased due to the El Tour congestion.

There were 17 member-sellers and and 6 additional member-volunteers who helped with the booth. THANK YOU ALL !

Sadly, we had no space for demonstrators this year, but we plan to have them at the SAACA show December 2nd and 3rd.

By closing time Sunday we could see that our decreased inventory with less choices for our customers resulted in a major decrease in gross sales totaling about 1/3 of our rent TMA events.

Total gross sales: $3,250.00 TH&SG commission: $891.15

We plan to have a big showing at SAACA next week … we need lots of participants and lots of inventory! Come and join in the fun!