Fiber/Silk Fusion Workshop-Nov. 19

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feltingFiber/Silk Fusion: Fiber fusion is somewhat similar to wet felting with wool. The main differences lie in the use of silk or other fibers instead of wool as the main fiber and the need for a binding agent, since silk fibers don’t felt to one another the way wool fibers do. The result is a sort of nonwoven paper fabric.  Fiber artists use the resulting fabric as an art piece in and of itself, or take the piece of silk fusion and cut it up to use in larger two-dimensional works, or The flat fiber fusion paper can be used to construct three-dimensional objects such as lampshades, bowls, jewelry, journal covers and more. Essentially anything that you can create with traditional paper or fabric you can make with silk fusion! Bring anything you’d like to include in the paper/fabric such as ribbons, pictures, silk flowers, fiber scraps, vintage lace, hankies, tatting, photographs, flat charms, etc.  The resulting work will be flexible and sew-able, but not waterproof.  Nov. 19. 1:00-4:00.  Instructor: Roxanne Delorme   Cost:  $50 which includes supplies.
Grandma’s Spinning Wheel
Vicky and Michael Konecky
6544 E. Tanque Verde #150
Tucson, AZ. 85715