Final Gala Planning Meeting SUMMARY!

October 19, 2016 12:15 pm
October 19, 2016 1:30 pm
U of A Ag. Building
on Roger, West of Campbel, Tucson, AZ, United States

We were able to advertise the Gala!

FINAL Gala Planning Meeting held on October 19, 2016

Purpose of this meeting was the following:

Get update from each chair/coordinator

Ask questions

Get answers

Know “who, what where and when” on Friday, the 28th and Saturday, the 29th.

Diagrams were distributed detailing “set-up” plans for registration, raffle baskets, study groups, gallery, boutique, ballroom and event sign placement.

Brenda requests that everyone who is willing, take photos of the Gallery Show.- perhaps we will create a booklet.

On Saturday, the 29th, anyone wishing to purchase an item from the Gallery will do so through our Boutique Cashier. We will be provided with some red dots to place on the Gallery tags.


All Ads are out.

THSG is on maps for “Open Studio Tours” and “Hot Art”.

Diana is contacting the Interior Designers Guild in hopes of selling our Claire Parks tapestry


Name tags for all individuals registered for the Parade /Reception.

Members have blue background

Guests have magenta background

Be sure and welcome our guests!

Registration numbers go to the Caterer on Tuesday, the 25th.

Today we have 150 ….Hoping for double that we will continue offering registrations for the rest of the week and at the Gala, so we will project an additional 50 persons over what we have on the 25th. Registrations can be purchased at the Guild Meeting on Wednesday. 

Study Groups-Education/Demonstrations:

Each Group will have:

One 8’ table

2 chairs

2 gridwalls, assorted shelves and baskets

We may have more flexibiliy with the grid walls, shelves and accessories at set-up.


Raffle baskets to the JCC on Saturday morning – Sue may need some helpers to transport.

Set up with 3-4 dressed tables with 2 tiers

Dedicated Cashier at the Registration table from 1:00P -3:00P to take credit cards for registration and raffle tickets

“Roaming” ticket sellers will take cash only.

At 3:00PM volunteers will take all raffle baskets into the ball room and put them around the stage. There will be 3 Raffle Breaks during the Parade. Prize winners will be announced in and out of the ballroom.


27 member-sellers participating

Need volunteers to cover some slots for staffing on Saturday.

Set-up Diagram is done.

Need volunteers to set up on Friday.

Sellers are strongly encouraged to bring sales inventories to the JCC on Friday.

The “Parade”:

Need 2 models to cover the artists who have conflicting Gala responsibilities.

No preliminary run-through – the Parade route will be clearly marked.

Models to report to the Catalina Room (adjacent to the Ballroom at 3:00P sharp. Models can Munch on food from the buffet

Put on their creations

Suzy will guide the models to some chairs in the back of the ballroom from where they can watch the show, go up to the stage, down the other side, follow the parade route then return to their seats.

Time permitting, we hope to have everyone come up together at the completion of the Parade. 3 Raffle Breaks at intervals during the Parade.

The ballroom will open at 2:45P to allow guests to efficiently enter, stop at the buffet tables and be seated.

Need several “post people” to direct traffic

Start the Parade at 3:30P and conclude by 4:30P.

Sarah Sammons is masterfully creating our script.

Mickey Pennington will be our commentator.


There will be 3 identical buffet tables set up in the Ballroom – finger foods and beverages.

Wine and other libations must be purchased from the Cash Bar in the main hallway.


Our guests will be encouraged to return to the Boutique, Demonstrations and Gallery following the Parade. Our event will officially close at 6:00P. Take –down will commence immediately.


If you have any questions email me at