YARN STORMING!! Preparation Pictures

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BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833) Picture: Collect A more gentle than traditional Guerilla art campaign is spreading across the globe - 'Yarn bombing' involves women leaving knitted reminders on objects as varied as trees, lampposts & even a bus. The craze that started in America has now spread to the UK with the 'artist' taking pictures of their work and putting them on the internet. Magda Sayeg from the all female guerilla knitting group 'Knitta Please' has covered an entire bus in Mexico City

A “Yarn Storming” project(aka Yarn Bombing) was proposed and approved by the Gala/Pallet committee to coincide with the opening of the JCC Gallery Show on October 13.  The chosen object(s) will be covered with pieces of knitting, weaving, felting, crochet, fringe, tassels, anything fiber related! All colors and patterns are welcome.  Marcia Molter and Zarah Abbott are available to collect your donations. You can find their email addresses in the Roster.

The following objects have been proposed to be yarn bombed:
Trees on the Entrance Patio: There are 9 trees. The largest has a circumference of 27″. Consider wrapping the trunks and possibly lower branches where they meet the main trunk (photo JCC_YBP_1). A white lace wrap on the most-shaded tree(s) would stand out. The small sad tree could possibly use some more leaves, maybe felted/knit/crocheted (photo JCC_YBP_2, if it is still there in September). Otherwise hang them on the other trees.
Stairway in Lobby:  Nothing on the handrails for safety reasons. The balusters look like warp!  Perhaps long 2-3″-wide strips of knit, crochet, patched together small woven or felted pieces, all woven through the balusters.


Trash Cans(2): Straight down the hall is a trash can on the left on the far side of the left turn to the gallery where our items will be exhibited. Perhaps with an arrow to the left? Fringe & tassels? Bright colors!
Console Table & Large Table: On the left wall of the entrance to the gallery is a console table.Perhaps some striped “sox” and crocheted bright red high-top Converse tennis shoes on the 2 front legs? The conference table at the other end also has 4 legs.