THSG has a RAVELRY Group!!

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RavelryTHSG now has a Ravelry Group!  Worried that the coming summertime means you can’t keep up with seeing the delectable projects our group members create?  THSG has joined this exciting online community where we can all show and share our projects and our THSG news all year long!

If you currently are a member of Ravelry, simply navigate to “Groups” from the tab on top of the page and either search by name or by location—and then join.  Please stop by the “Welcome” discussion thread and say hello.  Be sure to link your projects from “groups” tab on your project page.  And please consider posting a photo on our “Finished Projects” discussion thread.

If you are not currently a member of Ravelry; it used to be that most people thought Ravelry was strictly for knitters.  That’s not the case any longer.  The Ravelry community is home to tens of thousands of of weaving, spinning, dyeing and crochet enthusiasts as well as knitters.

There are hundreds of active non-knitting related groups.  Please consider joining and let us help you make the most of this growing worldwide community.  Go to and sign-up.  If you have ever thought about this in the past, now’s the time to do it and get lots of support!

THSG is very excited to join many other Guilds who have taken to Ravelry to share our events, workshops and treasures with 6,000,000 other fiber lovers.  More than 10% of TSHG joined our Ravelry group in the first 3 days!  This is going to be a fun place to play and is a lovely compliment to our website and Facebook page.

If you have any questions about how to create a Ravelry account, or how to better use the site once you are on, please email Diana at: