Continuing Education

A fund for Continuing Education was established by the Tucson Handweavers and Spinners Guild to support and encourage members to attend fiber arts-related classes/workshops. Any Member may apply for the grants. An applicant must be a member of the Guild for a minimum of one year, and may apply for a grant once every 3 years. Workshop content must be fiber arts related.

The Board decided to modify the way in which this money will be granted. It is clearly spelled out in the Handbook, but the main changes are if you are applying for a workshop or class you can receive up to one hundred dollars per day for registration for a total of not more than $250. The workshops can be out of town or here through our Guild. You will be asked to display your work at a meeting, and fill out an evaluation form on the workshop.

To facilitate your participation in using these funds we have put the application forms on the workshop table at both the day and evening meetings. We hope you will take advantage of this generous offer and apply for a workshop soon.

For more information, see the Handbook or contact Barbara Brody at