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Harrisville 50” 8 harness, 10 treadle Floor Loom in solid maple. Another impressive loom has found its’ way to TH&SG! It has a high castle with storage space, a matching bench and stainless steel heddles. The loom comes with 3 stainless steel reeds, a raddle, lease sticks and 3 dozen warp sticks. This sweetheart of a loom is very heavy – perfect for rug and tapestry weaving.

Asking Price …………..$1,000.00



Clement Floor Loom
60” Weaving Width, 4 harnesses and 4 treadles with direct tie-ups. Stainless steel heddles and several reeds.
Loom was disassembled for transport ….will assist purchaser with re-assembly.
Asking Price …. $400.00 or Best Offer



If you are interested in any of these looms, contact Lura at  sales@thsg.org